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JTC Building Systems are structural steel specialists in pre-engineered, hybrid- and light steel frame building design, supply and construction based in South Africa, supplying steel structures into Africa. We are confident that our dynamic approach will positively contribute to your next project. We focus on saving you project time, which directly translates to an overall project cost saving.

We provide an engineering certificate with every completed project to guarantee a safe and complaint steel structure. This ISO certificate buys piece of mind from structural engineers that have successfully completed the design and execution of PEB structures in South Africa. Our logistical expertise ensures successful delivery of state-of-the-art facilities in remote areas. JTC Building Systems have completed projects in over 15 countries in Africa.

We provide steel engineering solutions for organisations looking for:

Steel construction experts

Warehouse builders

Steel fabrication services

Steel design draughting services

A reliable construction project manager organisation

Mezzanine floor installers

Roof sheeting suppliers and -installers

(including IBR roof sheeting and Chromadek®, Saflok® and Galvanised steel roof sheeting)

Construction innovation is not just a smart term we use to describe our offering. We handpick the industry technologies and -advancements and effectively incorporate it into our pre-engineered- and hybrid building systems for South Africa. It is simply steel engineering at its best.

These pre-engineered and modular light steel frame steel buildings are cost-effective and much quicker to erect than brick and mortar. It is an exceedingly popular option for steel frame buildings like warehouses, airport hangars, farm storage facilities, equipment barns or parking garages. Furthermore, the following sectors in South Africa have found multiple uses for these steel building systems. Examples include:

  • Hospitals and schools in the Government and Educational Sector
  • Sheeting and cladding sector
  • Civil, road and bridge Sector
  • Retail centres and shopping malls in the Commercial construction sector
  • Modern Steel design features and steel frame buildings in the Architectural sector
  • Sport stadium steel structures
  • Bridge- and coal structure and electrical stores in the Mining sector
  • Standard structures in the Agricultural sector

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SPECIALISTS in PEB and Hybrid Structures

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