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Structural Engineering

JTC has an in-house team of Professional Structural Engineers with combined experience exceeding 100 years in the design of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB), Hybrid Steel Buildings (HSB) and other structural steel – and concrete buildings. By partnering with us you ensure that your project benefits from our team’s experience and hands-on involvement, from inception right through to project completion.

Our team of engineers have designed structures in over 15 countries including UAE, DRC and Mauritius.

We design according to internationally developed codes and standards and ensure that our designs comply with local regulations applicable to the project location. We have successfully designed and overseen the installation of several structures with clear spans exceeding 70m in various locations, proving our abilities and meeting our clients’ needs.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Design and analyses of

PEB Structures

Conventional Steel Buildings

Gantry Crane Systems

Multi-Storey Steel Framed Buildings

Modular Buildings

Mining Structures

Surface Beds

Processing Plants

Concrete Foundations

Composite floor slabs

Structural detailing of

Steel Structures


SPECIALISTS in PEB and Hybrid Structures

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