FACADES – Faces of Steel

Better to see the face than to hear the name. One can only wonder if this expression was only aimed at humans. For many years, architects aimed to give personality to their designs by unique and intriguing façades. Cityscapes worldwide showcase many of the best building designs, but how many of

Do you need to optimize space or have the desire to expand without having to build a new warehouse, office block, or even accommodation? Mezzanine floors can be the answer that every developer, building owner, or architect is looking for to optimize unutilized volume space within a building. JTC Building

Together with many digital technologies, building methods have significantly developed over the years into more convenient, clever systems with great benefits to project owners and -managers. Innovative developments, like insulated panels, are now enabling you to build fast, precision-engineered buildings that rank right at the top in terms of thermal

Time to #RebuildSA with JTC Building Systems

The impact that the recent looting and protests have had on the South African business sector, is severe. Many organisations that experienced losses due to building- and inventory damages, have still not returned to a business-as-usual state. The longer trading doors remain closed, the more income is lost. If not

Specialists in steel structures in Africa

JTC Building Systems are structural steel specialists in pre-engineered, hybrid- and light steel frame building design, supply and construction based in South Africa, supplying steel structures into Africa. We are confident that our dynamic approach will positively contribute to your next project. We focus on saving you project time, which

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