Time to #RebuildSA with JTC Building Systems

A fast, economic response to recover building damages

The impact that the recent looting and protests have had on the South African business sector, is severe. Many organisations that experienced losses due to building- and inventory damages, have still not returned to a business-as-usual state. The longer trading doors remain closed, the more income is lost. If not attended to with urgency and speed, further losses will be incurred.

While the extent of inventory lost is assessed, the building damages can be determined. A structural integrity assessment done by professionals is suggested to create a comprehensive picture of the full extent of damages. After this evaluation, it is important to consider the fastest, most cost-effective building and -repair methods/ actions available. The faster the building can be restored; the faster trading can commence again.

With JTC’s pre-engineered building (PEB) system a complete solution is offered, which includes a structural steel system as well as roof and wall cladding and other accessories. Projects like warehouses, supermarkets, factory buildings, showrooms, distribution centres, cold storages, shopping centres and are suitable with this building method.

Advantages of pre-engineered buildings (PEB’s)

Due to optimized design and fabrication of primary members from plate with various thicknesses, PEB’s are up to 30% more cost effective than conventional steel buildings. JTC provides clients with a single source engagement from engineering to on-site installation. Rely on JTC and our PEB system to save you money and to get your business back up in running in the shortest period of time.

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