FACADES – Faces of Steel

Better to see the face than to hear the name. One can only wonder if this expression was only aimed at humans.


For many years, architects aimed to give personality to their designs by unique and intriguing façades. Cityscapes worldwide showcase many of the best building designs, but how many of them are known by their names?


People tend to relate to the shapes and the features that are visible. This is an art that is mastered by the architect; the art to capture the emotion of a building or structure in the design of the building.


If the face has this much potential, then why save on this when designing a new building? Along with the roof, the façade is one of the most important elements of a building since it acts as the primary barrier against external weather elements that could damage the health of the structure. 


Because of this, it is especially important to choose a façade system that protects against all risks whilst helping to achieve lower energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs and improve comfort for the inhabitants.

Many façades require careful selection of the correct structure to carry and house the cladding that will ultimately transform into the skin that surrounds the building or structure. 


Taking all the elements mentioned into consideration, this is a crucial part of what makes the façade adhere to its intended purpose and appearance.


It is of utmost importance to choose the correct partner when considering your next façade project. Partner with JTC Building Systems today and ensure that your new building solution is carefully designed engineered, fabricated and installed to the ultimate perfection. 


Whether it is an old building that needs a new face or a new building that requires an identity, JTC Building Systems can assist. Making use of a combination of light- and heavyweight or modular engineering structure your new design can come to life.  


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