Mezzanine- Optimizing the way we think about space

Do you need to optimize space or have the desire to expand without having to build a new warehouse, office block, or even accommodation?

Mezzanine floors can be the answer that every developer, building owner, or architect is looking for to optimize unutilized volume space within a building. JTC Building Systems are fully equipped to assist with the design, fabrication, and installation of such designs.

 What is Mezzanine flooring and how can it benefit you?

Mezzanine floors create additional floor space in existing warehouses, centers, offices, or any other area that has space in the form of height or even high bay applications. Mezzanine floors increase the effective storage capacity by utilizing the space available in facilities with high ceilings or bays.

In many instances, we perceive an area to be fully utilized when assessing the effective floor space used, but we rarely look at the volume of the space we function in.

By changing your perspective and moving towards available volume rather than area, you can transform your space into something more affordable and financially viable. The increase of operating area is capital intensive and traditionally requires building an additional or separate area to expand operations.

A mezzanine floor will improve efficiency within a space and allows for better storage and workflow without breaking the bank. One of its benefits is the flexibility of being able to move or increase space as needed.

The system is robust and enables you to move the floor to another facility if needed. One key characteristic of mezzanine flooring is the steel frame that makes it possible to build in multiple tiers subject to the height constraint of the installation area.

Whether you have an existing building or designing a brand-new building, optimization of space might be crucial to the efficiency and flow within your building. The concept is a game-changer and can be implemented with ease, without having to necessarily stop operations for prolonged building activities.

The system offers a combination of open and closed steel floor panels for use in warehouses and distribution centers. Heavy-duty panels and -supports are designed to maximize storage capacity by creating flooring, catwalks, and walkways between shelves and above equipment to optimize space.

Mezzanine flooring is classified as de-mountable structures, and although designing is required, planning is not. The flexibility of these structures allows for quick installation with limited delay on day-to-day operations and can be moved and modified as per the storage requirements.


Mezzanine floors can be utilized as storage areas, fabrication areas, parking areas, and office space within warehouses of all sizes. These are only some applications to mention, as the possibilities are endless. Access to these raised floors can vary from staircases, conveyors, pallet gates, and automated lifts.


  • The mezzanine can be utilized for small parts storage.
  • Long-lasting steel structures.
  • Increases your current storage capacity without taking up floor area.
  • May double your existing floor space without having increased rental cost for additional square meters.
  • A free-standing structure that can be re-located

Mezzanine Types:

  • Raised storage area.
  • Raised walkways
  • Storage mezzanine.
  • Packaging storage and materials mezzanine.
  • Raised office space.

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