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Digital technology in construction – A massive contributor to give ideas structure

A core focus area in any construction business is to simplify processes that will save time and minimise errors. As pre-engineered building experts, we put a lot of emphasis on ensuring ease of assembly of all steel structures on site. This is done by thoroughly considering site conditions and limitations during the structures’ design phase. By doing so, we manage to intently facilitate fast and accurate on-site installation.

The advancements of digital technology in construction available that help with this focus area, is promising. Some can assist construction teams on-site and help create opportunities to transform our organisations. The willingness in a team to challenge the status quo, makes it exciting to successfully implement these technological advancements.

This excitement is tangible in one of our latest QR scanning advancements that enables you to digitally view general arrangement drawings. It gives you the ability to interact with a 3D model of your project. Even the most detailed project information is available at your fingertips wherever you are.

On site, the impact of a QR code has significantly improved the efficiency of the erection process. Since this code can be scanned with a smart phone, each role player on site has a full 3D model available on their phone. More than that, project managers have noticed an enhancement in the structures’ erection process. The tasks of many role players in the cycle to erect the building is significantly simplified, which not only positively impacts construction time but the project budget as well.

This minimises errors due to the misinterpretation of a 2D building plan. The ease of accessibility empowers every foreman and his team to double check the specifications at any given time. Even the simplest bolt and nut planning can be accurately done in advance, minimising wastage and incorrect placing of bolts and other elements.

A&R Engineering is one of the contractors that have been responsible for the steel erection of some of the PEB structures designed and fabricated by JTC Building Systems. “The ability to physically see the structure in 3D enables the project team on site to better visualise it,” says Cobus Spykerman, Managing Director at A&R Engineering. “Furthermore, more details of the structure are available when you scan the QR code. You also have a much better understanding of how each element fits into the other without having to hold six or seven printed drawings together.” 

Who would’ve thought that such a small digital embrace could lead to easier, more simplified construction paths? Digital technology in construction is on the rise.

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