PEB Ready To Steel South Africa

Pre-engineered building (PEB), the internationally-renowned steel building technology is the new building innovation about to reconstruct and revolutionize South African building methods.

Historically, PEB dates back almost 80 years ago. A few grey-haired citizens among us might remember the late 1940’s when it was first introduced. The first rigid-frame buildings could span only 12 meters.

With the advent of computerization, the first computer-designed metal buildings made its debut in the early 1960’s. This resulted in the design possibilities becoming almost limitless. Today, clear spans of up to 80 meters are possible, without internal columns.

All around the world, PEB systems are becoming increasingly popular. The markets in Asia Pacific and North America are currently the largest globally. These regions boast a variety of projects that highlight the versatility and promising future of this steel building method.

One of these projects is the modern 17 000 sqm shoes factory that produces sport shoes for famous brands such as Adidas and New Balance in Asia Pacific (pictured) in Vietnam. Comparing it with a high school in downtown Los Angeles (pictured) reiterates the endless possibilities PEB technology unlock.


An Giang Samho shoe factory in Vietnam

Example of a PEB steel structure


Camino Nuevo High School in downtown Los Angeles

A global demand is driving continuous evolvement in these and other markets: The demand for green buildings and the need to reduce construction time and cost.1 Indeed three valid arguments when considering new ways to build tomorrows’ warehouses, buildings and homes.

These global demand drivers are just as relevant to the African construction industry. “Our region is slowly becoming well-acquainted and familiar with the benefits PEB systems have to offer,” says Toit Oosthuizen, managing director at JTC Building Systems. 

“This building method offers several advantages compared to conventional steel structures, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in various industries. PEB’s are cost-effective, extremely versatile to suit almost any design requirement and the use of material is much more efficient,” he adds.

The world’s largest beer brewer, seems to also notice these benefits. This is evident in the decision to use PEB rather than conventional steel in the latest plant extension of its Rosslyn-based breweries in South Africa.

Reports show a worldwide growth in pre-engineered buildings well into 2024.1 Imagine the possibilities this building method can unlock in your next project. Opportunities to save time and money while tapping into an innovative, promising way to build.


1 Report: Pre-engineered Buildings Market

Published Date: May 2019 | Report Code: BC 7091

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