The benefits of proper steel farm structures

Todays’ agricultural professionals carry weighty responsibilities on their shoulders. Many macro factors like weather, theft and government regulations have a huge impact on the continuity of farming. Capital investment forms part of the inevitable elements that demand effective and smart management.

Steel structures are one of the investments that protect many costly farm assets. Although the structures’ quality has always been essential to provide proper shelter for grain, hay or a growing herd of livestock, something else is making it an undeniable necessity: Technological advancements. Yes, it even managed to significantly influence one of the most traditional industries we know.

Technological developments have introduced smarter features in farming equipment that many are investing in. More and more farmers are starting to acknowledge the benefit of upgrading to GPS-enabled tractors or larger combines and planters to handle growing acreages. And since we all agree that Rolls Royce’s should be parked in safe garages, expensive farming equipment should be stored inside a structurally sound steel structure.

Clear span pre-engineered steel structures are building a reliable, lasting reputation for itself. Its versatility allows the space to be easily converted from a salt storage facility to an equipment barn. Primary framing members are tapered built-up sections, with larger depths in the areas of highest stresses. It does not need any columns.

This allows optimal storage space as there are no columns to obstruct the floor area. It’s a safe structure that guarantees enduring quality and requires low maintenance. All these benefits without compromising on the integrity of the structure.

Agricultural structures can be customised to suit each individual need. Sides can be completely open all the way up to the eaves of the building or partially cladded as required for protection from wind or other elements.

JTC Building Systems design and supply all forms of standard and customised high-quality steel structures to agricultural professionals. The standard sizes range from 540sqm to 3000sqm and each structure comes standard with 0,4mm AZ100 ZincALⓇ or Z275 galvanised widespan roof sheeting.

For newly built or expansion projects, the experienced JTC team are the partners that help protect the assets used to feed families and build the future. An engineering design certificate comes standard after installation and erection times are fast and effectively managed.

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