Specialists in steel structures in Africa

A core focus area in any construction business is to simplify processes that will save time and minimise errors. As pre-engineered building experts, we put a lot of emphasis on ensuring ease of assembly of all steel structures on site. This is done by thoroughly considering site conditions and limitations

Build on your steel building systems knowledge

Choosing a safe, yet cost-effective building solution for your next construction project might seem like a daunting task. Relying on age-old methods might often feel like the safer, easier, and least risky option. Only when you familiarise yourself with proven new and innovative solutions, do you realise the benefits of

Todays’ agricultural professionals carry weighty responsibilities on their shoulders. Many macro factors like weather, theft and government regulations have a huge impact on the continuity of farming. Capital investment forms part of the inevitable elements that demand effective and smart management. Steel structures are one of the investments that protect

Modular construction in South Africa

In a rapidly changing world, each industry sector faces unique transformations. Whether driving the change or being subtly forced to keep up, organizations have a responsibility to manage many ever-evolving macro factors to avoid being left behind. These include various forms of social, political, economic and environmental forces. Factors that

Pre-engineered building (PEB), the internationally-renowned steel building technology is the new building innovation about to reconstruct and revolutionize South African building methods. Historically, PEB dates back almost 80 years ago. A few grey-haired citizens among us might remember the late 1940’s when it was first introduced. The first rigid-frame buildings

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